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Transforming the landscape. Revolutionise the Capital Market

Private Placement

Asset Tokenisation

Capital Raise


Cost Efficiency


Integrated Digital Platform
Making capital raise faster, easier, simple and secure

The compliance infrastructure for your digital asset

Digital onboarding workflows

KYC and AML automation and enforcement

Built in Regulated Custody

BIXCAP is a white label software solution for the issuance and management of securities (Shares, bonds etc) on the blockchain.


BIXCAP white label integrated digital platform enables all private markets issuers, mid-cap companies, asset management companies to conduct capital raise, private placement and / or asset tokenisation, and to issue, manage and transfer shares on blockchain. Manage your cap table, trade, fractionalise your shares and increases liquidity through secondary transactions in a regulated environment.

The platform integrates compliance obligations into the digital asset smart contract, to create digital share compliant by design.


The platform meets regulatory compliance in over 60 countries across the globe including Singapore, London, the Middle East, Africa, USA and Europe

BiXcap caital

The Marketplace

Fund your SPVs / Project today

Raising capital in a seamless and cost efficient manner. Transforming how business raise capital

Access to an ecosystem of over 30,000+ global financial institutions, private equity, venture capital and family offices  

250,000+ investment leads




USD1.5billion+ raised

10 Unicorns

100+ Exit


Start your capital raise journey

BiCap PP
BiCap Token
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