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Transforming the landscape. Revolutionise the Capital Market

Private Placement

Asset Tokenisation

Capital Raise


Cost Efficiency


The Capital Market

Transforming the way how businesses raise and manage capital

Decentralised Finance on the Blockchain

Raise - Issue - Manage - Transfer - Exchange - Trade

Across the globe without leaving your doorstep

Your business gateway to tokenisation

Making illiquid assets more accessible and attractive to buyers

Accelerating the exchange of

value using blockchain

Our issuance platform enables you to conduct private placement, tokenise your assets, manage your capital, trade, fractionalise and increases liquidity through trading access to secondary exchanges and the DeFi ecosystem in a regulated environment which meets regulatory compliance in over 60 countries.

Our security token protocol standards meet regulatory compliance in over 60 countries and ability to list in most STO exchanges across the globe including Singapore, London, USA and Europe

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BiCap Token

Transforming how business manage capital

Manage your shares with ease and unlock the potential of capital automation

Making secondary trading seamless and cost efficient

Our issuance platform is an end to end fully automated capital management ecosystem, saving you time, money and minimising risk so that you can focus on your business.

Investor onboarding, share register management, options & EMI management and 'Deal Room" to facilitate secondary transactions

FCA regulated and our solutions are compliant to distribute to investors in over 50 countries

BiCap PP

BiCriisp Capital Platform

Artificial Intelligence - Investor Matchmaking 

Raise Smarter with BICriisp - Artificial Intelligence Engine

5,788+ PE / VC

38,000+ investment leads

48,000+ accredited investors

Access to an ecosystem of over 100,000+ de-fi collected investors  

A world's leading investment platform with an end to end capital raising solutions that combines powerful tools and intelligent analytics, making your capital raise process simpler, easier and more efficient.


Our platform has successfully helped founders and emerging growth companies unlock their growth potential, raise capital effectively and in significant less time.

14 year track record

10 Unicrons

over 100+ Exits (IPO and M&A)

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