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A Seamless Digital Platform for
Private Markets

Raise Smarter and Faster

BIXCAP platform connects everything
you need to integrate and manage any digital asset

Making Global Access to
Investment Possible
Fractional Investment 
Decentralized Technology
Quantum Safe Consensus - Artificial Intelligence -
Real Time Information - Blockchain 
BiCap PP
BiCap Token

Accelerate digital technology, Reshaping the future of finance

Private Placement

Fractional Investment

Capital Raise


Cost Efficiency


BIXCAP - A powerful integrated platform for a seamless capital raise

BiXcap caital

Cloud based Platform

Built on advanced blockchain technology and artificial intelligence

Centralising all information in one platform

Investor Management Portal

Making investors onboarding fast and seamless

With Inbuild KYC / AML function, prospect and customer relation management, investor-relationships management, and 1 click view offerings

Secured Infrastructure 

Bank-grade security infrastructure,

Soc 2 compliance  

Built with quantum safe consensus 

Integrate with some world’s most popular apps

Portfolio Management portal

A powerful yet easy to navigate issuer dashboard

Streamlined document management for fundraising, subscription management, deal management and due diligence in a central and secure environment

Fund administration friendly with activity tracking

Built in integrated reporting & powerful Dashboard

Capital raise and fund management

Capital movement

CRM and prospect management

Investor relations and investor portal

Deal Management

Portfolio Management portal

Fund administration

Reporting & analytics

Built for

Asset owners and fund managers

for Partners


A turnkey solution, seamless integration for their portfolios and investment opportunities 


Digital Marketplace for Private Equity


Launching in Q3 2023

Access to a global community of over 250,000+ investors

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