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The Capital Market

Transforming the way how businesses raise and manage capital

Raise - Issue - Manage 

Across the globe without leaving your doorstep

Making Global Access to
Inflation Hedged Asset Investment Possible
Fractional Investment 
Decentralized Technology
Quantum Safe Consensus - Artificial Intelligence - Real Time Information - Blockchain 
BiCap PP
BiCap Token

Transforming the landscape. Revolutionise the Capital Market

Private Placement

Fractional Investment

Capital Raise


Cost Efficiency



Making capital raise faster, easier, simple and secure

Access to a global community of over 500,000 investors

BiXcap caital

A Country in Focus – The Philippines Digital Transformation in a Pandemic-Ridden World

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South Africa to Embrace Quantum Safe Technology for Its Digital and Cyber Security Acceleration

Strategic Resilience; The Path to a Sustainable Growth

Singapore Based BI Consulting Bags Multiple Projects Across Asia And Africa

Rethinking Risk Management & Cyber Security in the post Quantum Era

Cybersecurity veteran: people in cyber feel like they are in a pressure cooker 24/7

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